Enchanted Library

Our fantastic library gives all pupils the opportunity to escape the real world for a while and immerse themselves in a truly enchanted experience. After stepping into the magical woodland, the children can make themselves comfortable in the circular seats or around the base of the reading tree. Pupils can play at being pixies or elves as they perch on the toadstool seating and listen to their teachers reading to them from the throne. Or they can become witches and wizards as they read and research in our Hogwarts-inspired castle as Dobby flies over head on his Nimbus 2000.

After discovering the magnificent, Narina-inspired wardrobe doors at the edge of the forest, the students can step through and explore the many worlds that reside in the library. Sit back and relax in our sumptuous Arabian nights tent and imagine the sounds and smells of the Middle East. Why not explore the American West tepee? Leave a dream in the hanging dreamcatchers or leave a message on the blackboard for your friends to discover.

The library even opens out into the surrounding gardens with our comfortable and colourful beanbags scattered atop the decking. As well as this, the children can enjoy a really sensory experience as they smell the flowers that fill the new wooden benches. Let’s not forget our incredible space-age pod that has landed in Priory too! The children can snuggle into the transparent dome or create wonderful pieces of writing at the work bench within.

Books are portals to other worlds so step into the Enchanted Library and escape!